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The overseas household energy storage market is becoming more mature.

In 2018, China's energy storage industry accelerated its development in terms of project planning, policy support and capacity distribution. In the global context, the demand for self-use plus the demand for backup has given many households and businesses the option of installing energy storage systems. China is bound to follow this step, energy storage industry can be said at present spring, ready to go!

Outlook for global energy storage development

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The overseas household energy storage market is becoming more mature.

Electric energy storage technology is divided into three categories: physical storage energy(e.g. pump storage energy, compressed air storage energy, Flywheel storage energy, etc.), chemical storage energy(e.g. lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, liquid flow batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, etc.) and other forms of storage energy(phase change storage energy, etc.). Electrochemical energy storage is the most rapidly developing and growing technology in the world, and thetechnology with the most projects in operation.

From the global market view, in recent years, the household photovoltaic battery installation projects are gradually increasing. In markets such as Australia, Germany and Japan, household light-storage systems are increasingly profitable, supported by financial capital. Governments in Canada, the United Kingdom, New York, South Korea and some island countries have also put in place policies and plans for energy storage procurement. With the development of renewable energy systems, such as roof solar cells, energy storage battery systems will be developed. By 2025, the capacity of the world's grid-connected energy storage systems will soar to 21 gigawatts, according to the HIS.

As far as China is concerned, China is currently facing industrial upgrading and economic transformation, and a large number of high-tech industries will emerge in the future, and the demand for power quality will be increased, which will create new opportunities for the development of energy storage industry. With the implementation of the new power reform plan, the power grid will face the new situation such as the release of electricity sales and the rapid development of ultra-high pressure, and the development of new energy generation, intelligent micro-grid, new energy vehicles and other industries will also be accelerated. As energy storage applications gradually open, the market will accelerate expansion and impact the world energy landscape. It is expected that by 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of China's energy storage market will exceed 50GW, and the scale of energy storage investment will reach 230 billion yuan.

Domestic energy storage markets are becoming more mature, with strong participation of Chinese energy storage companies(Safecloud)

While Tesla, Sonnen Batterie, LG Chem and other companies are targeting global distributors for energy storage products, domestic energy storage technology companies are also targeting overseas markets for domestic energy storage products. By 2018, according to research by the CNESA Research Department, Chinese energy storage companies had published household energy storage products, with capacity ranging from 2.5 kWh to 10 kWh, mainly using lithium ion battery technology, with intelligent energy management systems to provide solutions for household PV energy storage applications. Supported by the strong technology and production capacity of domestic lithium-ion batteries and lead batteries, Chinese energy storage enterprises are actively opening up domestic energy storage markets in Australia, Germany and the United States by finding local distributors and establishing partnerships with local PV installation enterprises and energy storage system integrators.

With the times, Safecloud storage products are coming out

Shenzhen Safecloud Energy Inc.  began to invest in energy storage in 2007 and is committed to providing holistic solutions for energy storage, including technology solutions and business models. With the increasing importance of energy storage technology, Safecloud storage products business has been expanding and developing, including energy storage power station, household energy storage, energy storage base station and so on. Safecloud not only provides customised products for users, it also offers solutions based on customer needs.

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Home Storage Solutions / Pwer stage Lite V1

In view of the increasing demand for household energy storage products in Australia, Europe and the United States, the Volt energy storage home energy storage system is a photovoltaic power system developed by Volt energy, mainly composed of photovoltaic components and energy storage components, including iron phosphate lithium or lead-acid batteries, photo-storage inverters, controllers and so on. Volt energy provides a professional integrated solution for users to create new scenes, modify scenarios, and exit UPS.

1, adopt the vertical design, give the user flexible choice space;

2, combined with the ladder utilization, innovative business model, with a very high value for money

Pwer stage Lite V1 solution

The Pwer stage Lite V1 series is designed to upgrade the traditional household PV connected power system, add energy storage function, reduce the dependence on the grid, and realize the model of all-weather self-use.

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