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12V 100Ah lithium iron battery power lithium battery

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The number of battery cycles is up to 3000 times, the service life can reach 7-8 years, and thelithium ion battery life is long. In addition, there is no memory effect inside the lithium battery, and the charging and discharging efficiency of the lithium battery will not affect the efficiency for a long time.

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The lithium iron phosphate battery can completely replace the lead-acid battery. The lithium iron battery can be cycled more than 3500 times, and the weight is 1/4 of the weight of the same lead-acid battery, which is easy to move and install. LiFePO4 ion battery can be used in solar photovoltaic systems, golf carts, cleaning vehicles, off-road vehicles, energy storage and more.

Lifepo4 battery product features:

● The capacity of the lithium battery is large, and the battery capacity of the same lead-acid battery is three times that of the lead-acid battery.

● lithium Ion battery is safe to use, after strict safety testing, it will not explode even if it encounters a violent collision.

● The lithium iron phosphate battery is resistant to high temperature, and its acceptable temperature reaches 350°C-500°C without causing any danger.

● The lithium battery can support fast charging. There is a special lithium battery, which can be fully charged in 40 minutes after charging at 1.5C.

● The Lifepo4 lithium battery has no memory function, which can achieve efficient work and prolong battery life.

Standard voltage 12.8V
Charging voltage 14.6V
Charging current 50A
Discharge current 100A
Charging temperature 0°C-60°C
Discharge temperature -30°C-60°C
Charging method CC/AC
Dimensions 306mm*169mm*215mm
Battery type LiFePO4
Cycle life 3500 cycle life, more than 80% remaining capacity, more than 5 years life.
Testing and certification ISO9001/UN38.3/SDS/SED; EX/CE/FCC/RCM/IEC62619

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