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Important Technical Discussion Meeting with Tellhow & HUST (2022-08-27)

On August 27, 2022, Shawn Lee , CEO of the Shenzhen/ Henan Safecloud Energy Inc., and Jonson Jiang, general manager of the company, visited Shenzhen Tellhow Science and Technology Park. The Tellhow group's energy storage system automatic pack line and assembly production line are being introduced and shown by Jianming Sheng, CEO of Tellhow Group, and Weiliang Wang, general manager of energy storage department. 


Accompanied by CEO Jianming Sheng, we had a discussion with the team of Professor Kang Yong, the former dean of the School of Electric Power, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and had a friendly communication on the technical specifications of the energy storage industry, future development directions, virtual grid technology and implementation paths. 


Each party (Safecloud & Tellhow & HUST) hopes to have in-depth technical exchanges in all aspects of home energy storage system, energy storage power stations system, and energy storage systems.


Post time: Sep-01-2022