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2018 North American International Solar Technology Exhibition exhibition exhibition summary

The company participated in the North American International Solar Technology Trade Fair held in July 2018 at the Moscon Exhibition in San Francisco, USA, and exhibited our energy storage products and outdoor power products, and achieved the expected results.

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During this exhibition, the company participated in most of the technical exchange meetings, summit forums, and networking activities for buyers and sellers. Held a symposium with a number of internationally renowned enterprises, discussed the development trend of products in the industry, technical bottlenecks, outcome plans and other topics. With the world's leading enterprises in the industry, it initially reached the intention of jointly developing lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage products, exchanged technical information with domestic exhibitors, and shared design concepts for the high-end market of jointly developing outdoor products.

In this exhibition, the company has accumulated a large number of potential customers, provided a large number of data and references for technology development, product positioning, and the company's future development trend, and achieved the expected exhibition results. Specifically, we have the following takeaways:

First, the biggest hot spots are related to electric vehicles and energy storage. This year, traditional car manufacturers want to talk about intelligence and driverless; Newcomers, on the other hand, try to break the rules of the past and find their place at a new starting line. Exhibitors were all excited to discuss, but none of them ushered in the expected outbreak, and there was still a distance from popularization, and some even disappeared halfway; The mobile phone industry seems to have peaked, smart home appliances have been said for many years, and now the standard has not been unified. With no explosive new trends and no particularly blockbuster products, technology seems to have gone through a phase of rapid growth, reaching an awkward intermediate period.

Second, rational opening

The exhibition is one of the world's largest and most influential Intersolar solar professional exhibitions to date, and the only B2B platform in North America that focuses on the global solar field, and the participants are solar industry professionals with the right to buy and decide. Strong media coverage (120 media outlets in 2016) provides access to 20,000 professionals in the solar field. Mainly exhibitions, supplemented by professional forums and lecture activities, together with the Semicon West exhibition co-organized at the same time, jointly display the complete industrial chain of the photovoltaic industry. 552 exhibitors from 26 countries showcased their latest products during the show, attracting 14,983 professional visitors from 74 countries. The exhibition forums and events held at the same time attracted nearly 1600 visitors and 210 speakers.

In the first half of this year, renewables other than hydropower accounted for 9.2% of the country's total electricity generation, compared with only 7.6% in 2015. According to the EIA, California plans to achieve 1/3 of its electricity from non-hydro renewable sources by 2020. Nearly 30 percent of the state's electricity now comes from non-hydro renewables, and the state has purchased large amounts of solar, geothermal and wind power from neighboring states. The biggest growth in solar power generation was in California, North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. The increase in solar power generation in the first half of the year in the five states can meet the electricity needs of about 1 million households.

Third, the innovator is the protagonist

At this year's North American International Solar Technology Exhibition, PCs, mobile phones, etc. are obviously no longer the protagonists, but there is innovation. Through this exhibition, we have established the market positioning of the company's solar energy storage products, mainly concentrated in developing countries and countries and regions along the Belt and Road. The technical performance parameters of innovative products, cooperation with international organizations and government funds, and the participation of developing countries in a full range of business models such as products, technology, sales, capital, production, and services. We believe that the benefits given to us by this North American International Solar Technology Exhibition are huge and effective. 

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Post time: Jul-05-2022