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48V150Ah LiFePO4 Stand Battery Home Energy storage

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The advantages of 48V150Ah Lifepo4 are that the acquisition of raw materials is relatively simple, the sources are relatively wide, and the acquisition cost is low. The battery has high temperature resistance, and the thermal runaway temperature reaches about 800 degrees. Even if it encounters a traffic collision or impact, it will not catch fire immediately, and it has good safety performance.

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Compared with lead-acid batteries, energy storage battery life is 20 times longer in cycle life, 5 times longer in float/calendar life, and battery cycle life can reach more than 5,000 times, and some can even reach 6,500 times. The battery pack is durable and has a long service life helping minimize replacement costs and reduce total cost of ownership;

The working voltage of the battery is 3.2-3.4V, which can meet the basic requirements of the vehicle battery; after the battery life expires, there is still 80% of the stored power, and the recovery value is high.

Lighter weight, about 40% of the weight of comparable lead-acid batteries. A "drop-in" replacement for lead-acid batteries. Higher power, delivering twice the power of lead-acid batteries, even high discharge rates, while maintaining high energy capacity. Temperature range: -20℃~60℃.

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The Safecloud Energy Storage battery has following advantages:

Assemblly freely in series or parallel Up to 8S8P(448V326.4kWh)
High energy efficiency Energy efficiency (charge and discharge) > 97%
Highier Rate Charge & Discharge Nominal 0.6C, Max 0.8C
More Safety Dual hardware & Triple software protection
Safe and Reliable BMS Relay design
Long Life Reliable LFP cells, Cycle life >6000 cycles
High Reliability Key devices (Relay, Fuse) approved by CE and TUV
Smarter With digital monitor system App with WIFI
Smart Design & Easy installation Plug in & off

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