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Solar street light lithium battery

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The solar street light lithium battery adopts a large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery with integrated storage and control, with a cycle number of 5000+ and a service life of more than 8 years; the built-in intelligent BMS protection board protects the stable output of the battery and prevents short circuit of the lithium battery, and the lithium battery has IP67 protection grade, suitable for all kinds of bad weather to prolong battery life.

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The solar street light lithium battery adopts aluminum shell, which is sealed and waterproof, and has strong environmental adaptability; the use of lithium iron phosphate battery is green, safe, and environmentally friendly avoiding environmental pollution and explosion risks, and meeting global policy requirements.

Even after the battery is used up, 80% of electricity is an environmentally friendly product. The lithium battery in the low temperature battery module can have built-in heating and insulation to ensure that the battery module can work normally in low temperature weather below -20°C.

The solar street light lithium battery has built-in BMS and solar controller, which ensures the stable operation and high reliability of the whole system.

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Please note that you must check the lithium battery positive and negative poles when wiring. If the wrong wiring occurs, the charger will burn out, the battery will burn out, etc., which will not be covered under warranty or cause other damages. The output high voltage is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty Time

Lithium iron phosphate batteries warranty for three years, free replacement for one year, and free maintenance for two years;

Three-year lithium warranty, 1-year free replacement, 1-year free maintenance, agents can increase

3 months selling time

Basic Information

Model 12.8V30AH 12.8V50AH 12.8V100AH
Rated capacity 30AH 50AH 100AH
Nominal voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V
Charging voltage 14.6V 14.6V 14.6V
Discharge voltage 9.2V 9.2V 9.2V
Standard Charge 15A 15A 15A
Working temperature Charge:0℃~55℃  Discharge:-20℃~60℃
Protection class IP67
Cycle life 2000 times
Application scenarios Solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar lawn lights, solar insecticidal lights, wind-solar hybrid energy storage systems, utility power complementary solar street lights, etc.


Specifications (street light lithium battery) Model (capacity) Weight (KG) Dimensions (length, width, height mm)
12V lithium battery 12.8V30AH 5.2 298*141*90mm
12.8V50AH 6.38 415*141*90mm
12.8V60AH 8.06 435*141*90mm
12.8V100AH 12.02 690*141*90mm

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