Product Name: NiCoMn batteries for electric bicycles 48V 20AH

Product description: NiCoMn batteries for electric bicycles 48V 20AH

Product details

Product Details
Nominal voltage(customizable) 48V typical 48.0 V
Rated capacity(customizable) 20AH 0.2C discharge
Combination Method 16S3P Industrial Power Core
Maximum voltage 58.8 ± 0.5 V charge cut-off voltage / maximum charge voltage
Minimum voltage 40 ± 0.5 V discharge cut-off voltage
Continuous working current CA. 15A
Maximum working current
Maximum transient current is less than 40A
Overflow protection
Charging mode constant current constant pressure(CC-CV)
Charging current is ca-3-5A
Charge temperature range 0-45 °C / 45-85 % RH
Discharge temperature range-25-55 °C / 45 ~ 85 % RH
Shell(customizable) PVC film
Plug(customizable) / Direct Outlet
Shape size(as required) 238*165*155 MM adjustable composite structure
Weight < 9.0 KG
Customized research and development, direct marketing, protection board independent research and development, ten years experience, mature stable and reliable production process.