Product Name: SFT-1191 Multipurpose charging system

Product description: Multipurpose charging system

Product details

SFT-1191 Multipurpose Charging system is a small household energy storage system developed by Shenzhen Safecloud Energy Inc. It can be recharged by solar or municipal power. It has an output power of 1KW ~ 2KW and is suitable for areas with no power grid or unstable power supply.


     The system integrates solar charging controller, system controller and inverter, lithium battery and lithium battery management system-BMS, and effectively uses the energy storage system to convert clean and environmentally friendly renewable energy into domestic electricity. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and stable power supply, especially using lithium battery as the carrier of power storage, and extending the service life of battery significantly.

System features:
1. Solar energy and municipal power complementary charging, when solar energy charging is insufficient automatically switch to municipal power for load power supply, with a very high rate of power supply; And the user can set up solar power and the priority mode of electricity supply.
2. Human rights Solar controller with MPPT function, conversion efficiency up to 98 %
3. Human rights Pure sine wave output, low working noise, high conversion efficiency, high load capacity
4. Human rights Humanized man-machine interface shows that users can display the operation state of the system intuitively through the LCD screen, easy to operate.
5. Human rights Intelligent Lithium Battery Management System: Active equalization technology, high precision voltage acquisition to ensure the consistency of the core.
6. Human rights Humanized alarm function and perfect online protection function to ensure the system safe operation in use.
7. International cooperation Suitable for all GB/T20234-2011 models.


Application scenario:

  • It is suitable for energy shortage areas, to relieve power grid pressure, and for power supply in border posts, yurt and other power free areas.
  • Suitable for natural disaster frequent areas, as a disaster emergency power supply use, building, residential block power failure emergency.
  • It is suitable for power supply in unconnected areas such as power instability, isolated island and villa with solar energy collection system.
  • Applicable to all GB/T20234-2011 electric car emergency, rescue, etc..