Product Name: SFT-PFPS DC Rapid EV Charging System

Product description: SFT-PFPS DC Rapid EV Charging System

Product details

SFT-PFPS DC Rapid Recharge Car is a pure electric vehicle emergency and rescue system developed by Volt Energy Corporation. It can be recharged using solar or municipal power. The output power is DC 25KW, AC 220V/3KVA. It is suitable for emergency rescue of pure electric vehicles on highways or in small areas.
The system integrates solar charging controller, system controller and inverter, DC fast charging motor, lithium battery and lithium battery management system-BMS. The utility model has the advantages of emergency and rescue of electric car in expressway and smart district, does not occupy public land and power grid, charging car without electricity quickly and conveniently, preventing road congestion, and can also be used as emergency power supply for power outage in the district at ordinary times.

System features:
1. 1. Solar energy and municipal power complementary charging, when solar energy charging is insufficient automatically switch to municipal power for load power supply, with a very high rate of power supply; And the user can set up solar power and the priority mode of electricity supply.
2. Human rights High power DC output, quickly charging the pure electric car, to achieve road rescue.
3. Human rights Pure sine wave output, low working noise, high conversion efficiency, with strong load capacity, to realize power outages in small areas and shopping malls.
4. Human rights Humanized man-machine interface shows that users can display the operation state of the system intuitively through the LCD screen, easy to operate.
5. Human rights Intelligent Lithium Battery Management System: Active equalization technology, high precision voltage acquisition to ensure the consistency of the core.
6. Human rights Humanized alarm function and perfect online protection function to ensure the system safe operation in use.

7. International cooperation Suitable for all GB/T20234-2011 models.

Application scenario:

·         suitable for use in smart communities, shopping malls and entertainment sites for emergency quick(5 minutes) rescue.

·         suitable for natural disaster prone areas, as a disaster emergency power supply use, office buildings, small districts, shopping malls power outages.


Technical specifications




Solar powerPV

Input Voltage Range

330Vdc  360VdcOpen-circuit voltage

Electrode configurations



Max. Charging current*1

10-20A Adjustable


Max. Efficiency rate


Recommended configuration for power*2



Mains InputAC

Input voltage range

165- 275Vac / 85-135Vac

Input frequency range

45-65 Hz

Shorted circuits

External Fuse

Circuit breaker

Output System

Output voltage

AC220V/110V DC100C~500V

Output power



Output power factor

≥0.8(>30% Load)

Total Harmonic Distortion

Liner load ≤ 5

Electric Vehicle Charging

Pure electric vehicle charging

Max. efficiency



110% 60S power off120% 5S power off

Shorted circuit

Automatic power off


Mains failure

1time/4Sstop after 40S

Battery low voltage

1time/ 0.2S


1time/ 1S

Battery Pack




Balance current


Voltage accuracy


Protection function

Over charging, over discharge, over current, over temperature etc. protection


IP rate


Ambient Temperature

0℃  40℃

Ambient Humidity

10  90(non-freeze)


≤ 50dB

Battery compartment size

500(D)*400(H)*350(W) mm


550(D)*450H*400(W) mm

Weight(not includes battery)

Approx. 88Kg




1.    The maximum charge current of the battery is related to the battery. At the time of manufacture, the manufacturer has set it up, and the normal user does not have this permission

2.    Solar panel configuration due to local location, sunshine conditions and users 'electricity habits, and other factors, recommended configuration for reference only, installation can consult professionals.