In order to promote positive energy, correctly guide the development direction of electric vehicle industry, support and commend outstanding electric vehicle enterprises, outstanding brands, Meritorious personnel, excellent market, promote the healthy and healthy development of electric vehicle industry in Henan. April 13, hosted by the Henan electric car Chamber of commerce, "salute the industry's past, the future with you -- the 20th Zhengzhou electric car tricycle new energy auto fair" and "2017 electric car industry 100" awards ceremony will be held in Zhengzhou central China International Exhibition center grand!
        According to the latest organizers, vodka as the industry's well-known brand, listed in 2017 best-selling Henan electric vehicle matching supplier.



At that time, including the Henan government authorities and the Chamber of commerce, the head of the electric vehicle integrated enterprise, the head of the electric vehicle accessories enterprise, local city and county dealers, relevant experts and scholars, the head of the procurement Department of the relevant units, the national and industry media, nearly 1000 people attended together, will be built into Henan electric vehicle industry the largest awards ceremony.






        Shenzhen Volt Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. The company is located in Shenzhen, Pengcheng. Its main business is research and development and sale of new energy products such as electric car emergency charging equipment. In addition, the unit in Shenzhen Sakata Volt Yunmen mainly engaged in various specifications of lithium ion and lithium polymer battery production and sales.


        The company fully implements the ISO9001 quality management system, and carries out strict management of R & D, feed, production, quality inspection, warehouse and shipping. Thanks to continuous innovation, professional technology, efficient management and marketing strategy, Shenzhen Volt Energy Co., Ltd. has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise for several times in the past decade and put on the market in 2016. In line with the concept of pioneering, enterprising, innovative Volt company, adhere to people-oriented, customer-centric, in the competitive survival, in the competitive development of the road, adhere to become the new energy field of the most specialized technology, the best value for money products, one of the best services.

       In 2017, Shenzhen Volt energy Co., Ltd. officially developed the use of automotive power cells in power storage stations, communications base stations, solar lamps and low-speed vehicles, and the reuse of these batteries has become a hot item in global storage. We warmly welcome new and old customers to cooperate and negotiate, consulting business, looking forward to working with you to create a win-win!



       It is also because of strong comprehensive strength, in 2017 electric vehicle industry top 100, Volt in the "2017 best-selling Henan electric vehicle matching supplier".


       At that time, not only will there be a grand award ceremony, but also will be held at the same time the 20th Zhengzhou electric vehicle tricycles new energy auto fair, the "micro" era electric vehicle single-store profit secret book demonstration training conference, "innovation for change, together to open up the future" the central electric vehicle supporting industry alliance Congress, jointly discuss Henan electric vehicle industry future development direction.


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